Toyota Parts & service in Longueuil

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    At our Longueuil Toyota service centre, you'll benefit from the full range of automotive services provided by a team of experienced technicians proficient in all aspects of Toyota maintenance and repair on Montreal's South Shore! For repair or maintenance, car detailing or auto body repair, we offer honest, courteous service that is attentive to your needs and concerns. We are committed to maintaining an level of service all while offering you competitive pricing.

    Today, the environment is a priority for us all, and we are all responsible for protecting it - and that includes Longueuil Toyota.

    We collect used oil and oil filters...

    We are affiliated with the SOGHU Association...

    Here, making your vehicle as eco-friendly as possible is an objective we take seriously. We are proud to sell the most economical and fuel-efficient cars in the country, but our mission does not stop there: during your car's maintenance, we recycle oils, filters, anti-freeze, tires, cardboard and paper, as well as used plastic containers.


    When you have your vehicle maintained at Longueuil Toyota, you are making sure it will perform optimally for years to come. And together with you, we work to protect the environment. All this, at always competitive prices.

    Come and see for yourself by meeting the members of our team of Toyota experts and by getting a look at our facilities, among the largest and best-equipped in Quebec.