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  • Management

    Marc Daigle
    Marc Daigle General Manager 450-674-7474 Send an Email
    Alain Boucher
    Alain Boucher New car sales manager 450-674-7474 Send an Email
    Stéphane Boucher
    Stéphane Boucher Service manager 450-674-7474 Send an Email
    Martin Chamberland
    Martin Chamberland Body Shop Manager 450-674-7474 Send an Email
    Jean-Sébastien Jarry
    Jean-Sébastien Jarry Pre-Owned Vehicles Manager 450-674-7474 Send an Email
    Isabelle Fauteux
    Isabelle Fauteux New Car Sales Manager 450-674-7474 Send an Email
    Danny Castilloux
    Danny Castilloux Parts Manager Send an Email


    Pierre Painchaud
    Pierre Painchaud 450-674-7474 Send an Email
    Steven Ménard
    Steven Ménard 450-674-7474 Send an Email
    Stéphane Rousseau
    Stéphane Rousseau Renewal Manager, Sales and Leasing 450-674-7474 Send an Email
    Nancy Desnoyers
    Nancy Desnoyers Sales Professional 450-674-7474 Send an Email


    Marie-Eve Morse
    Marie-Eve Morse 450-674-7474


    Dianne Lacharité
    Dianne Lacharité 450-674-7474
    Danny Mcbrearty
    Danny Mcbrearty 450-674-7474
    Alexis Ferrier Paiement
    Alexis Ferrier Paiement 450-674-7474
    Marie-Eve Bellerose
    Marie-Eve Bellerose 450-674-7474
    Suzanne Richer
    Suzanne Richer 450-674-7474
    Daniel Varandas
    Daniel Varandas 450-674-7474
    Dominic Marcil
    Dominic Marcil 450-674-7474
    Dave Mcdonald
    Dave Mcdonald 450-674-7474
    Jonathan Berry
    Jonathan Berry 450-674-7474
    Jacques Sarrazin
    Jacques Sarrazin 450-674-7474
    Jacquy Gehin
    Jacquy Gehin 450-674-7474
    Patrick Laroche
    Patrick Laroche 450-674-7474
    Milan Bako
    Milan Bako 450-674-7474
    Stephane Moissan
    Stephane Moissan 450-674-7474


    Daniel Masson
    Daniel Masson 450-674-7474
    Jeanne Beauchemin
    Jeanne Beauchemin 450-674-7474
    Jimmy Boucher
    Jimmy Boucher 450-674-7474
    Mathieu  450-674-7474
    Stephane Tremblay
    Stephane Tremblay 450-674-7474
    Sylvain Bélanger
    Sylvain Bélanger 450-674-7474
    Yvan Davignon
    Yvan Davignon 450-674-7474


    André Coté
    André Coté 450-674-7474
    Gerard Alouis
    Gerard Alouis 450-674-7474
    Mathieu Frenette
    Mathieu Frenette 450-674-7474


    Yves Lagacé
    Yves Lagacé 450-674-7474
    Caroline Rioux
    Caroline Rioux 450-674-7474
    Claude Geoffroy
    Claude Geoffroy 450-674-7474
    Jacques Leroux
    Jacques Leroux 450-674-7474
    Francis Joseph Suppere
    Francis Joseph Suppere 450-674-7474
    Pierre Lapointe
    Pierre Lapointe 450-674-7474

At Longueuil Toyota we pride ourselves on making it worth your trip from wherever you are Longueuil or St-Lambert to have all your automotive needs taken care of, with professionalism and a smile.

So whether you're looking for a new Toyota vehicle, in search of a quality used car, truck or SUV, or in need of expert automotive service, we invite you to contact us online or by telephone at (450) 674-7474, or come down and see us at our convenient local store.