Longueuil Toyota operates a top-quality, Toyota-certified body shop on-site, and we do not contract out any auto body work.


Unfortunately, accidents do happen. When they do, it's important to restore your vehicle to it pre-accident condition. If your vehicle can't be driven, your first challenge is what to do with your vehicle. If your vehicle is not in a condition to be driven, please consult the section of our site devoted to roadside assistance.

Next, contact your insurance company as soon as possible after the accident. Your insurance company may try to direct you to a particular body shop to obtain an estimate and/or to do the repair.

Under no circumstances are you legally obligated to go to this shop. As the vehicle owner and payer of the insurance premium, it is your right to choose the collision repair facility that you would prefer to repair your Toyota.

Make sure your insurance company knows that your expectations as a Toyota owner are that:

  • Your vehicle is restored to its pre-accident condition using Genuine Toyota Collision Parts;
  • The actual repairs be carried out by a Toyota Certified Collision Centre or a facility referred by your Toyota Dealer;
  • Technicians who work on your vehicle have been trained by Toyota.

Remember, it is your right to choose who repairs your vehicle.

Longueuil Toyota's certified collision centre is a qualified and professional auto body repair and detailing centre. Our installations meet the industry's highest quality standards, which Toyota owners expect and deserve to benefit from.


Thanks to its qualified personnel and its Toyota-certified installations, our body and paint repair centre offers Toyota owners and their insurance companies the highest level of excellence in the domain.


Efficiency - your vehicle is returned to you more quickly, with a minimum of inconvenience.

Consultation regarding installations, personnel and the repair process - manufacturer-certified body shops and detailing centres offer the best work quality, service, technical expertise, equipment and the finest guarantee of customer satisfaction.

  • Information from the manufacturer - technicians have access to factory specifications and are specially trained.
  • Replacement transport services - a shuttle service is offered to customers, and/or a courtesy car.
  • Fully guaranteed repairs, backed by Longueuil Toyota.
  • Care for the environment - installations that meet all legislated environmental standards.
  • A place you can trust - Longueuil Toyota knows you and knows your vehicle, and is firmly committed to taking proper care of both.


Trust in the experts at our Toyota detailing centre in Longueuil for the reconditioning and proper inspection of your vehicle. Let the Toyota Touch help maintain that fresh, cared-for-look... and help protect your investment.

The Toyota Touch gives you...

Pride of Ownership. The better your vehicle looks, the better you look.

Protection for your investment. Your vehicle gains longevity and durability - both inside and out.

Higher Resale Value. A vehicle that has been dealer maintained and dealer protected will automatically be worth more at the time of resale.

By enhancing your vehicle's appearance two or three times a year with the Toyota Touch, it will be fully protected all year round. And the sooner you start that protection, the better your vehicle will continue to look.